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  • Dhow Nature Foods (Australia)

Dhow Moringa is one of the rare few that is grown on an Organic Permaculture Sustainable Farm. We feel that this ethos and belief of ensuring the soil is looked after, makes for a premium Moringa powder

Our Organic certificate complies with American, European, Australian and Japanese standards.

We ensure the Moringa is processed at ultra-low temperatures within 18 hours of harvest ensuring optimal nutrient retention, hence the deep green fresh color compared to other brands.

We have the full traceability to the farm level so you are 100% Guaranteed that there are no additives, bulk fillers or nasties in our product. Just Pure Goodness!

Moringa is widely recognized as a complete food due to its numerous properties,

  • May lead to a reduction of Tiredness and Fatigue
  • Contains 92 Nutrients and various minerals incl. Potassium, Magnesium & Calcium
  • May Aid Muscle growth due to its 22 amino acids
  • May assist with Blood Sugar control
  • May Reduce Inflammation
  • Helpful in Iron Deficiency and Anemia and it's a totally natural source.
  • Great food supplement for Vegans & Vegetarians

    Moringa can be used in a number of ways,

    • Have 1/2 to 1 teaspoon with water everyday as a supplement
    • Mix it into your smoothies
    • Mix it in your porridge
    • Mix it into bliss balls and other natural snacks

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    Debbie Salvatucci

    Organic Raw Moringa Powder (100g)

    Ross Vas

    Good product

    Sonia Poothia

    Great Produxlct

    Russell Bayne

    Organic Raw Moringa Powder (100g)

    Stephen Shrubsall

    Great products top quality and texture and flavour is one of the best I've tried hope you go into the mushrooms like he shou wu and Chaga and Reship powders will be getting more products soon

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