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  • Dhow Nature Foods (Australia)

A perfect, balanced & delicious blend with Cacao & Vanilla that is naturally high in protein. Delicately spiced with our Green Cardamom and a unique African ingredient known as The Bambara Nut.

A type of legume that contains all the nutrients your body needs to function well, it is referred to as the complete superfood!

Benefits of Bambara Nut

  • High Protein Source - Helps in Natural Collagen production 
  • Healthy Fats -  Omega 3, Omega 6 & Omega 9
  • Vitamins - Incl. Vitamin C
  • Minerals like Calcium, Iron & Potassium.
  • Highest Concentration of Antioxidants & Fiber for legumes

Who can resist such a delightful combination? A great natural drink for adults and kids! 

Each Packet contains Approx. 35 Serves of our Delicious Blend. 

The Blend is 100% Gluten, Diary Free & Vegan Friendly. 


  1. Warm a cup of Milk/Plant Based Milk on a pan or mix it into cold milk
  2. Add a ½ to 1 teaspoon of the Latte mix based on taste and stir
  3. Let the milk come to a simmer for 2 mins (If warm) or heat in microwave.
  4. Strain if you want a smooth texture, else you can have it as is.
  5. Add Honey or Sweetener if needed


*Do Not Consume if are allergic to Nuts

Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews
Gillian Whitty
Bam-choco Latte.

I love this stuff! I drink it in warm oat or soya, with vegan squirty cream. It has a slightly unusual, but not unpleasant, taste. When I've finished the two packs I bought I will be buying more. High protein and a decent drink. I recommend this product.

Martie Rousseau

Products are excellent, all organic, packaging is fantastic and sales and delivery is out of this world!Love it!

I love show products

I love how dhow products is 100% pure organic with no additional additives. I did a 3 day smoothie cleanse using D how products and amazed how effective it is, I lost 2kg in 3days. I feel so much healthier and lighter and also improved my sleep. Thank you dhow 🥰

Gorgeous drink

We love this chocolatey, spicy drink. So more-ish. We are ordering more. Personally I love the little granules left at the bottom. They are delicious.

Michele S
Bam Choco Latte

Love this product, delicious tasting and so good nutritionally

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