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  • Dhow Nature Foods (Australia)


Organic chai latte is a perfectly spiced and delicious blend with organic ginger, lemon grass, cardamom, clove and cinnamon powder. All delicately combined to form a delightful chai latte mix. 

Hand Curated by our team to get a perfect balance of flavor with health benefits incl.

  • Helpful in lowering blood pressure and cholesterol
  • Ginger, Cinnamon & Cloves will help lower blood sugars
  • Lemongrass & Cloves have great antioxidant properties

Who can resist such a delightful combination?! 

Each packet contains Approx. 35 Serves of our Delicious Blend. 

The Blend is 100% Gluten, Diary Free & Vegan Friendly. 

Our organic chai latte Mixes are 100% Natural & will have a texture. 

This is because we don't grind it too fine to avoid flavor and nutrition loss. 


  1. Warm a cup of Milk/Plant Based Milk on a pan
  2. Add a ½ to 1 teaspoon of the Latte mix based on taste
  3. Let the milk come to a simmer for 2 mins or heat in microwave
  4. Strain if you want a smooth texture, else you can have it as is.
  5. Add Honey or Sweetener if needed


Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Philippa Rowlands
Not as good as I expected...

The Organic Chai Latte was okay, but it was not as smooth as I expected and the flavor was not very rich.

Richard Pain
Excellence !

Express delivery of quantity products.

Regina Kapaya
I’m so happy I found you

Well thanks I came across this brand while browsing Instagram, this is not only the best spices you can find in Australia but also some are organic! I have already ordered twice and more to come… I love the packaging too easy to open and store in your pantry… Najivunia kuwa mtanzania kwa kweli:)

Janice Cardiff
Lemon grass

Love the flavour it brings back memories of years ago, but find it a little bit gritty. I think using a finer sieve should rectify this small problem.

Yes Taste

Lovely taste, very strong and flavourful, however very course texture. Great for that if you like, but not so much for soothing smooth drinks or coffee!

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