Turmeric Ginger Pancakes

"There's something so soothing and warming about this spice combination, and it always manages to lift my mood whenever I'm feeling a bit down. Or maybe it makes me feel that way because it is jam packed with nourishing, anti-inflammatory nutrients?"


1/2 cup rolled oats, processed/blended into flour
1/2 cup whole meal flour
1 cup soy (or any plant) milk, add more if the batter is too thick, use less for thicker pancakes
1 ripe banana
2tsp Organic Turmeric Powder
2tsp Organic Ginger Powder


Blend all ingredients, then stir in 2tsp baking powder before pan frying on a non-stick pan using low heat. If you want perfect golden brown pancakes, you really have to go oil free and have patience with the low heat.

I topped my stack with fresh strawberries, golden kiwi, passion fruit, chia, hemp and flaxseeds.

Recipe by Beth from @eatingmindfully_

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