• The Moringa Tree: Moringa Oleifera

    The Moringa Tree: Moringa Oleifera

    THE MORINGA TREE The moringa tree, often called the miracle tree or the drumstick tree, is an extraordinary natural creation that is native to Africa and Asia. It has long been used and treated as one of the most appreciated greens of our time because of it's many health benefits & medicinal properties. It is almost like a whole meal in one! Every part...
  • Eat Like a Hadza? Baobab is the way to go

    Eat Like a Hadza? Baobab is the way to go

    The Hadza are the last remaining hunter-gatherer tribe in Africa, living in Northern Tanzania. Their ways of living have largely been abandoned by the modern world, and remain an important focus for research today.   Several sources, such as Biome Buzz, state, one of the main source of fibre they consume is Baobab. It is also a Prebiotic with a very high soluble fibre percentage therefore helping...
  • How about some Baobab & Apple Energy Balls?

    How about some Baobab & Apple Energy Balls?

    Did you know that Baobab is a really versatile superfood? It can be easily added to smoothies, juices and is also incredible as an Energy ball coating. Our Wild Organic Baobab powder is great for gut health and highly nutritious contributing to a healthy natural lifestyle. Check out this amazing recipe for Apple 🍎 & Baobab Energy balls by DeadlyxDelish! Get the Recipe here......
  • Baobab and Gut Health

    Baobab and Gut Health

    Can we learn from the last remaining Hunter-Gatherers?  Baobab - I am sure you have heard of one of the African Tribal ‘superfoods’ that grace our culinary shelves? If you haven’t, do not fear, as this article will cover all things baobab and gut health. The Baobab fruit grows on a tree indigenous to Africa, Arabia, Australia and Madagascar and has traditionally been used to...
  • Spicy Moringa Burgers

    Spicy Moringa Burgers

    Healthy and protein filled vegetarian eating can be a challenge sometimes, which is why we decided to create spicy moringa burgers! These burgers are made with black beans, carrots, peppers and not to mention the secret ingredient - moringa! Moringa is a great source of antioxidants, It lowers blood sugar and inflammation, we were very generously gifted our pack by Dhow Nature Foods (www.dhownaturefoods.com), be sure to check...
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