The Bambara Nut


The Bambara ground nut, scientifically referred to as Vigna Subterranea, is a type of legume that is native to sub-saharan Africa. A type of groundnut that contains all the nutrients your body needs to function well, it is referred to as the complete superfood!


It is farmed in West and Central Africa and considered to be the third most important legume in the world! Usually grown by small scale farmers that live to support themselves; this being their only bread & butter. Although it isn't a very lucrative crop, it is ideal for small scale, subsistence farmers because of it's drought resistant nature and it's ability to yield well even with poor quality soil.

Dhow carries out social initiatives to create social impact for farming communities around East Africa. We impact society through education, health and hygiene and conservation. Read about how we impacted a school by installing clean water tanks, here.


Bambara ground nuts can be consumed straight after harvesting or dried and kept in their shells to preserve. They can be boiled, pounded or even be made into milk.

Our Bam-Choco Latte is made using bambara groundnut, cacao, cardamom and vanilla powder. This superfood combo gives amazing benefits, from which the bambara nut in particular is incredibly beneficial. How can you resist our healthy version of hot coco?


  • A high protein food helping natural collagen production. Protecting children from malnutrition. Bambara nuts provide more essential amino acids than any other grain legume!
  • The minerals available in this complete food, such as calcium, iron & potassium protect the body's bone health. Which is great for adults and kids alike.
  • Bambara nuts are also high in dietary fibre. Making them the perfect food for individuals suffering from conditions like, irritable bowel syndrome, infectious diarrhoea and inflammatory bowel disease. Bambara helps maintain a healthy digestive tract.

To top it off, it is combined with delicious flavours and spices to add to the taste & benefits of this delightful vegan chocolate drink. It can be enjoyed with your choice of milk and sweetener. All you have to do is stir and sip!

The Bambara nut is unfortunately considered a neglected crop, which is possibly the reason why not many people are so aware of this all natural and incredibly nutritious food.

Read more about our Latte range.


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