Regenerative Farming & Its Benefits

Regenerative Agriculture

To put it simply, the name describes the practice. It is a way of farming that follows the concept of a natural ecosystem. A tropical rainforest, for example, is divided into 5 layers, all of which have their own role to play to help the ecosystem sustain itself. Dhow Nature Foods have a similar approach; we practice permaculture farming, which can be defined as a design principle in agriculture that mimic a sustainable and harmonious natural ecosystem.

It has never been more critical for the agricultural sector to transition to more sustainable farming practices. Many conventional farming techniques have serious consequences on the environment, and in the long term, can contribute to the climate change crisis due to mass deforestation.

Benefits of regenerative farming practices are abundant, from healthier soil, to increased bio-diversity. It can also positively impact farming communities and add value to the local economy.


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