Moringa To The Rescue: Goodbye, Bad Hair Days!

The miracles of the miracle tree are abundant! Moringa Oleifera is the perfect supplement for healthy hair! Moringa guarantees a good hair day! It contains all the necessary nutrients to keep hair healthy. It contains Vitamins A, B, C, & E, Iron, Zinc & all the Essential Amino Acids!

What more could our hair ask for?!

  1. Vitamins A & B promotes hair growth: Vitamin A is responsible for new cell production and tissues in the body which leads to better hair growth. A deficiency of this vitamin can cause a dry scalp, dandruff and dry hair. Vitamin A stimulates the production of sebum that moisturises the scalp, which keeps the hair healthy, happy and dandruff free!

    Vitamin B carries oxygen & other nutrients to the scalp, that betters the circulation which allows the hair to grow strong!

  2. Zinc stimulates hair growth: The zinc in moringa prevents the damage of the sebaceous gland that produces sebum. This keeps the hair & scalp from getting too dry. Zinc is vital to keep hair follicles healthy; it speeds up recovery of damaged roots!

  3. Iron helps transport oxygen to your roots! : Those with an iron deficiency are usually more prone to unhealthy hair. Iron promotes oxygen circulation in the blood, that gives the scalp a sufficient supply of oxygen and helps the growth from the roots.

  4. Vitamins C & E fight oxidative stress: This vitamin duo work as a team to fight against free radicals. Free radicals damage the hair and can even turn grey! Vitamin C fights against this damage and vitamin E helps repair the existing damage. Both of the vitamins help circulate blood to the scalp, keeping the roots healthy. 
  5. The Essential Amino Acids produce red blood cells, promoting hair growth: All the 9 essential amino acids are present in Moringa. This miracle superfood is rich in these building block of protein. Hair is made of protein and therefore these amino acids are a crucial nutrient, that prevent the hair from sun damage, and other radiations that can be harmful to hair. 

Moringa is a great supplement for skin too! Check out our article on Moringa for Healthy Skin.

Adding moringa to your daily routine can be as easy as blending Dhow's Organic Moringa powder up with some fruits, or simply taking Dhow's Organic Moringa Capsules!

Our powder consists of JUST naturally dried moringa leaves that can also be used in various different face and hair masks! 

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