Moringa for Healthy Skin

Flawless skin doesn't come easy to some people, so to find a great skincare regime is important, but most of all, it is crucial to use the right ingredients. 

Dhow's natural, pure & organic Moringa powder has powerful benefits for skin. 


  1. Reduces the signs of ageing: Moringa powder or moringa oil are packed with antioxidants therefore fight free radical damage which cause wrinkles and ageing. It also prevents wrinkles by tightening up the facial skin, making you look younger! 

  2.  Fights acne: Moringa is also known for it's antibacterial properties, therefore it helps keep acne breakouts at bay. 

  3. Moisturises lips: Moringa is most commonly added to lip care products to protect the sensitive skin on the lip and keeps them soft. 

  4. Contributes to the removal of toxins from the body: Breakouts are most usually a sign of toxins accumulated in the blood. The antioxidant properties in this miracle herb help purify the blood when consumed. It can be consumed in many ways!

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  5. Improves skin complexion: Moringa visibly tones down the blemishes on the skin giving the skin an even tone. It can be applied as a paste on the spot prone areas of the face. It can be used a natural toner! 

    Consuming Moringa regularly can help with skin & hair!

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    Adding moringa to your daily routine can be as easy as blending Dhow's Organic Moringa powder up with some fruits, or simply taking Dhow's Organic Moringa Capsules!

    Our powder consists of JUST naturally dried moringa leaves that can also be used in various different face and hair masks! 

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