How about some Baobab & Apple Energy Balls?


Did you know that Baobab is a really versatile superfood? It can be easily added to smoothies, juices and is also incredible as an Energy ball coating.

Our Wild Organic Baobab powder is great for gut health and highly nutritious contributing to a healthy natural lifestyle.

Check out this amazing recipe for Apple 🍎 & Baobab Energy balls by DeadlyxDelish!

Get the Recipe here...


Some amazing facts about the creator of this recipe are

1. She hasn't eaten in 6 years 😲

2. She was enrolled in the top catering college in the UK 🍲

3. She cooks from her sense of smell and sight and for the ♥️ of food

At Dhow Nature Foods, we are inspired by her and her ability to continue making a positive impact on the people around her and society! 🙏

Learn more about her story...

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