Did you know Moringa is good for new mothers?!

We all LOVE moringa, but how does this miraculous superfood really benefit new mums?

Moringa Enhances Lactation -

Moringa is considered a natural galactagogue that has shown to double breast milk supply! Lactation consultants actually recommend consuming moringa after child-birth because of it's effectiveness towards lactation and high nutritional value. A perfect whole foods supplement for women in the postpartum period!

Reduces fatigue in new mums -

With the responsibility of being a new mum, comes tiredness and fatigue. Moringa is known for known to help improve energy production and muscle repair. It contains 14x more iron than spinach which contributes to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue. Mother's are usually drained in the fourth trimester, consistently tending to their new born and left with no time for themselves, moringa can definitely replenish the lost nutrients with helps with overall energy and recovery.

Keeps bones strong and healthy -

Nursing mothers require a sufficient supply of calcium to their body. This is particularly because the body removes calcium from their bones and supplies it their breast milk for the infant. Inadequate intake of calcium can lead to a reduction in bone mass. As mentioned in the U.S. News, 'mothers between the age of 18-50 years need to consume 1000mg of calcium per day to protect themselves of bone loss during lactation. Our moringa contains 14 x the calcium of milk!

Shop our 100% organic moringa range:

Dhow Nature Foods Moringa Powder

Moringa can be used in baking and cooking, it can even be sprinkled onto smoothies, juices and yogurts! You name it, you can Moringa it!

Dhow Nature Foods Organic Moringa Capsules

Take 1 Capsule twice a day on an empty stomach or as directed by a health care professional. These capsules are processed by hand, guaranteed of no fillers, additives or bulking agents.

Our Plant Starch capsules are filled with the Best Deep Green Moringa Leaf.


The overall nutritional value of moringa oleifera is incredible and would be a great addition to your daily diet. Learn more about moringa and it's top benefits here.



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